X-Art is specialized
in integration and installation of data centers.

The company offers best network solutions in local market. Our company stands out in Armenia's IT sector.

Wi-Fi and SCS

Using the capabilities of copper and fiber-optic data transmission media, we define the infrastructure required for the client

Network security

We perform an audit and fulfill a set of requirements for the infrastructure of the company's computer network and its policies

24/7 Hours Support

Our staff is ready to give an individual and optimal solutions, implement the most complex and non-standard projects


We offers complex solutions in information technologies sphere, using the latest equipment

We will help you to achieve your goals and to grow your business

The company classifies activities in the following areas.

– Data Center and Server rooms: X-ART cooperates with leading manufacturers of equipment and software for the data center infrastructure, implements complex solutions for building and upgrading corporate information systems. We deliver the whole range of solutions: from the consulting and design stage, to the construction and service support, thereby providing a single point of responsibility to the customer and the highest level of fault tolerance of the data center in accordance with the requirements and recommendations of the established international standards Uptime Institute.

We supply the entire complex of specialized subsystems for data centers, including:

  • CKC based on fiber optic and copper cables for speeds of 40G
  • Blade servers and storage systems
  • Backbone data transmission systems
  • Systems for monitoring and managing data centers
  • Systems of uninterrupted and reserve power supply, DGU
  • Precision redundant air conditioning
  • VESDA fire alarm and fire extinguishing systems
  • Security systems and access control systems


– Wi-Fi: Keep up with the trends in the development of wireless technologies and the rapid spread of the new global concept (BYOD) of Bring Your Own Device – our team will help implement highly reliable, secure and fault-tolerant wireless systems in accordance with the highest standards of communication (802.11ac – wave 2) .

We conduct a thorough radio-survey and radio-planning of the facility, and only then we provide solutions based on the leading equipment manufacturers.

– Network security: We perform an audit and fulfill a set of requirements for the infrastructure of the company’s computer network and its policies, in the performance of which the network resources are protected from unauthorized access. The company achieves such characteristics as a central and powerful management tool, user and application management, high availability, virtualization, and easy adaptation. Used brands of manufacturers such as H3C and Cisco.


– SCS: creation of regular extensible structural links in local networks for various purposes, which allows solving the tasks of growing convergence of systems and bringing together a number of network information services, such as local computer networks, telephone networks, BMS, security systems and video surveillance. Using the capabilities of copper and fiber-optic data transmission media, we determine the infrastructure of the required information technology, as it dictates the content of a particular cable system project in accordance with the requirements of the end user, regardless of the active equipment that can be used subsequently.


– ATS: Voice transmission systems for small businesses (compactness, lack of binding to the customer’s office, integration with any type of operator), and hybrid solutions for large companies with integration with PMS, BMS, call processing center, video conference system, etc.