Macroscop is an innovation company on the market of IP video surveillance, exporting to 90 countries around the world. Since its founding, the company has focused on the development of the solutions for IP cameras. 

Macroscop is an innovation company founded in 2008. Macroscop is a developer of the software and hardware solutions for IP video surveillance systems. Macroscop IP camera software is being used to ensure safety and increase process efficiency in more than 20 industries including the intelligent security systems, retail, manufacturing, and other spheres of human activity. 

With Macroscop software you can build scalable and stable video surveillance system as it is:

Simple to buy, set up and configure: less than 15 minutes for the installation and user-friendly interface

Easy to connect, integrate with other systems and expand: customers are not limited by number of cameras or hardware brand, the system can be easily scalable

Convenient to use, manage and get support to modify: with our dedicated support team that you may reach for additional developments for your projects

Transparent calculations of purchase costs and costs of owning


In many countries of its presence, the company is one of the largest vendors of video surveillance software, as noted by the studies based on the methodology of PricewaterhouseCoopers.

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